Each crystal has it's own unique properties, read on to find out what the crystals you're attracted do might do for you...

Amazonite frosted.jpg


One of the most soothing stones, Amazonite calms the brain and the nervous system and alleviates worry and fear. 

Aventurine side.JPG

Blue Aventurine

Said to be a powerful mental healer, blue aventurine connects to the throat chakra. It reinforces decisiveness and leadersgip qualities, bringing balance to intellect and emotion.

Citrine 8mm.jpg


A powerful cleanser and regenerator, Citrine carries the power of the Sun. It is warming, energising and highly creative and never needs cleansing. It is extremely protective, attracts abundance and promotes joy and positivity.

Fluorite side.JPG


Highly protective, Fluorite may help to block electromagnetic stress. A stabilising stone it is wonderful for calming stress. 



An extremely calming stone Howlite is excellent for sleep and meditation, an aid to insomnia and an overactive mind. 

White Jade 2.JPG


Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity and is believed to attract good luck and friendship. It also aids in decision making, filtering distractions.

Lapis lazuli side

Lapis Lazuli

A protective stone, Lapis Lazuli is connected to the throat and third-eye chakras. It also boosts creativity and self-expression. 

Lilac blue quartzite.jpg


Quartzite is a wonderful stone for dealing with change in all forms as it has a stabilising influence, bringing things back into balance. 

Rose quartz heart.jpg

Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love and peace. Rose Quartz is said to heal the heart, enables self-love and brings reassurance in times of crisis. A wonderful healer for the soul and a great soother for heartache.  A positive stone it encourages the acceptance of necessary change and opens you up to love.

Turquoise Jasper 8 2.JPG


A nurturing stone that sustains and supports during times of stress. It elevates the spirit and mood and absorbs negative energies to bring balance. Jasper is said to aid quick thinking, promote organisational abilities and transforming ideas into action. ​African Turquoise Jasper hands over a key to new life with its offerings. A stone that is said to awaken the soul to its intended purpose, encouraging you to gain and give positive wisdom.

Amethyst side.JPG


Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone enhancing meditation and spiritual awareness. It balances the emotions, alleviates sadness and dispels anxiety. 

Carnelian side.jpg


Carnelian is an excellent stone for grounding. It restores vitality and stimulates creativity. Calming anger it promotes a love of life.

Fire agate front.JPG

Fire Agate

Fire agate has a deep connection to the earth so is a wonderful stone for grounding and security. A stone of protection for the wearer it is also connected to the lower chakras, bringing vitality and preventing energy burn out.

Green Aventurine.jpg

Green Aventurine

A positive stone of prosperity, Green Aventurine is an all-round healer, bringing in emotional calm and wellbeing. It particularly connects to the heart, bringing harmony, comfort and healing.

Indian Agate.jpg

Indian Agate

A grounding stone, Agate brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It builds self-confidence, improves concentration and  mental function.

IMG_5681 (2).JPG


A powerfully energising and regenerating stone, long ago it was carried as a protective talisman. It brings courage and hope and helps you to let go of that which isn't serving you. 

Moss Agate.jpg

Moss Agate

A stabilizing and highly optimistic stone, Moss Agate releases fear and deep-seated stress. A stone of wealth it attracts abundance.


Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion and is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships, especially for people who feel unloved. This is a stone that asks you to face the truth about yourself and others but with loving awareness.It encourages a positive attitude and brings lightness into life. 

Sunstone 3.JPG


Sunstone is a light-inspiring, joyful stone. If life has lost its sweetness Sunstone will help restore it in a nurturing way. Good for cutting ties that bind you as well as preventing procrastination. 



Sodalite unites logic with intuition and brings harmony with others. An excellent stone for the mind, it brings about emotional balance and is said to calm panic attacks. It is also said to release those core fears and control mechanisms that may hold you back from being who you truly are.