Meditation: Antar Mouna


20 minute video


In this mindfulness practice we externalise the senses to get our minds accustomed to being in tune with the present moment. This then enables us to become aware of the distractions of the senses so that we are able to discard them in order to progress to a more inward meditation. In the second part of our practice we act as the observer t the thoughts that enter our mind, in order to gain more control of it. 

Pranayama: Sitali & Sitkari


15 minute video


Heatwave getting too much? Suffering from Menopausal flushes? Then try one of these cooling breathing practices in this short introductory video. If you can roll your tongue then try Sitali. If not (and you don't have sensitive teeth) then try Sitkari. Both methods work by using the moisture in your mouth to cool the air as your breathe in, helping to cool and calm.