I hate baths...

I hate baths. I’m a shower person - baths take up valuable time when I could be doing something else.

That’s what I thought until months of aching and pain in my shoulder and arm made me give that old fashioned remedy the Epsom salt bath a try.

I’m nothing if not committed to shopping for the full experience so as well as said salts (which technically isn’t actually salt, it’s a compound of magnesium and sulphate - the latter being wonderful for muscle and nerve function), I also purchased some vanilla essential oil (who doesn’t love the relaxing smell of cake?) and an inflatable bath pillow (oh yes).

Still somewhat sceptical I ran my bath, tossed in a cup of Epsom salts, 4 drops of vanilla oil and, in order to time myself to make sure I stayed in there long enough, picked a few songs from my Spotify playlist.

Well I got in and something shifted, I felt calmer and areas of tension I hadn’t noticed started to soften. I realised my lack of time to simply do nothing had been giving me a false sense of achievement. Where was the achievement in never finishing a to-do list and burning out?

Since that bath I now take one once a week; no phone, no to do list and even though I’m still suffering (further investigations into said arm will be happening soon) I’m doing OK. Taking that bath eases things and psychologically I feel less anxious (which in itself causes tension in the body, which causes pain). How many of us actually take the time to work on healing ourselves? If you could just take twenty minutes to reset body and mind, with no demands, how much could that help your mind and body?

Go ahead and try it, it’s only twenty minutes...

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