My first magazine interview!

I'm super proud to be in the November edition of Om Yoga and Lifestyle. Every month the magazine has a teacher zone section with tips from teachers who have been in the business for a few years.

If you don't read it then here's a transcript of what advice I had for new teachers out there...


There are so many ways you can be in control of your own marketing now and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. I created my own website using Wix where I can easily update my class details without needing a web company to do it. Make use of apps! I use Canva for most of my marketing from social media posts to business cards and flyers, Photofox for creating artwork and iMovie for making short videos.


I don’t put all my eggs in one basket! As well as teaching yoga I work part time in marketing and also create and sell my own jewellery (for a yoga teacher, I’m not very good at relaxing!). I realised early on that I’d have to teach so many classes per week to maintain my income that I’d physically burn out. You either need to do less of what earns more (e.g. workshops and retreats) or balance your income through other means, even if it’s linked to yoga in a different way, such as writing or working at a studio.


I spend a lot of time with people and communicating when I’m actually quite an introvert! As such I like to enjoy quiet time alone either making my jewellery, reading or cooking.

It’s vitally important as a yoga teacher to look after your own physical wellbeing. How can you help others if you don’t look after yourself? (Even yoga teachers get run down and injured!) I have regular massages with a lady who gets out my knots and helps me to unwind. I’ve also discovered the delights of an Epsom salt bath to soothe aches and pains. I add a few drops of aromatherapy oil, put on my ‘Yoga Chill’ Spotify playlist, sink into the warm water and imagine I’m in some exotic spa!


Being too generous with my payment system! I used to let people carry classes over if they couldn’t make it but when I had several weeks of making a grand profit of just a few pounds I had to get tough. I gave people the option to do a block booking without carrying classes over or a drop in rate which cost more. I was worried I’d lose people but when I explained why everyone was really supportive. I do feel lucky to have a fantastic bunch of yoga students though, which makes it feel less like work and more like a family get together!


Lara Heimann has some excellent tips for approaching yoga from a physical therapy perspective, making me look at the ways in which I break down many yoga asanas. Along the same lines, Cecily Milne of Yoga Detour has some brilliant drills for building proprioception and strength.

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