Look back..to move forward

As we continue to stay home as much as we can now could be an opportune time to reflect on what is important to us so that when we come out of this we can channel our energies into those things that truly make us happy.

It's been so easy to get bogged down in the day to day stuff and get sucked into the social media feeds, sales offer emails and adverts that make us think that we need that latest gadget, 'must-have' make up palette or yet another pair of shoes. Now that we can't spend so much, do we miss it? I for one don't and it's made me seriously look at what I want my life to be filled with in the future.

With that in mind I tried this little exercise out to discover what really makes me tick and brings me joy so I thought I'd share it...

You'll need:

  • A notebook and pen

  • Scrap paper (if you're an organised, neat freak like me!)

  • Any photos albums you may have (digital or hard copy) or old diaries

You may not need to photos (or diaries) but for me they were a handy trigger to bring back the memories of times that were a little fuzzy!

For this task you are going to write down (in bullet point form or brief notes) all the memories you have that you treasure and bring you joy.

To make it easier you could use your scrap paper and have separate ones for separate periods of your life (I found this a lot easier as I could just brain dump onto them and go back and forth as new memories popped up).

Once you think you have most of them down, rewrite them into your notepad in historical order. If you think you may remember more you want to add then leave some space under each section.

As you write make a note of any recurring themes that come up. Many of us may notice that special moments with family and friends crop up but what else do you discover?

For me, I found that some of my most vivid and emotion-inducing memories were from an amazing holiday I had in the US when I was 17 and the times I explored Australia when I lived out there. I also remembered certain meals I ate in particular locations as well as short courses I had taken where I learnt a new skill.

As these things kept cropping up I realised that I'm not done travelling just yet, that this needed to feature in my future life (once the word is mobile again of course) and that I should explore my passions for food and knowledge too.

Whilst I can't travel I can research and plan where I'd like to go (and enjoy the daydream). I have also been spending some of my 'lockdown' time trying out new recipes and reading all those reference books that have been sitting on my shelves waiting for me to pick them up.

As I sifted through the photos I pinned some up on my mood board to inspire me and act as a reminder of the important things in my life.

So have a go yourself and if you make any discoveries you want to share, please drop me a message or tag me on Instagram or Facebook...