I've always had a passion for crystals and just love to create jewellery with them. Each piece is handmade and features beautiful natural gemstones.

When it comes to choosing a crystal, I advise going with the first one you are drawn to, as your intuition is rarely wrong. If you are buying for someone else, think of them and see what you’re drawn to or alternatively, consider what they might need and refer to the crystal info page (if all else fails simply select a colour you know they love!).

Alternatively, my crystal info page lists the crystals available, their attributes and potential applications.

I ship within the UK and shipping is FREE (for more details visit my shipping and returns page).

*Please note I do not claim that these gemstones will heal you or cure you from disease. View them as a little comfort and support.

**If you are a student in my classes and wish to purchase, please get in touch for a special discount code.