The weekend wind down...

In a hectic world this gentle workshop is the ultimate restorative experience as you cultivate mindfulness, release stress and find inner calm. The extended 2 hour session is one of releasing, supported poses and a longer yoga nidra (that's the story time at the end folks!), all set to a beautiful soundtrack along with calming essential oils to see us into a deep state of relaxation.

A combination of yin and restorative yoga postures are used, which are floor based, fully supported and held for around five minutes (sometimes longer). This allows the body to let go of tensions and blockages so if you find the pace of life a little fast and want to really wind down then this is the workshop for you.​ It’s also perfect for beginners

Please bring your mat, a blanket, socks and any other yoga props you like to use (even a cushion or pillow will come in handy!). 

Costs £15.

(Sorry, no refunds if cancelled less than 48 hours before the event).

Next session: FULLY BOOKED!

Sunday 29 March 3-5pm, St Mary's Community Centre, Rylands Road, Kennington, TN24 9LH