What do the different class styles mean?

Yoga - Striking the perfect balance between hatha and vinyasa styles, my yoga classes will take you through static poses to build strength and fire up your core before throwing into the mix some heavenly slow flow to find freedom of movement. The sessions always end with a calming relaxation to soothe the soul. As a mixed ability class it's suitable for beginners as well as more intermediate students.

Sunday Sessions and Restorative yoga - These workshops and classes are the perfect way to unwind. The gentle session utilises floor based poses and supports the body with props so you can really let go of bodily and mental tension. We'll sink into each pose for several minutes to bring back your 'rest and digest' mode and cultivate calm. Suitable for beginners and a great complement to your standard yoga classes.

What should I wear?

Comfortable layered clothes are best and ensure total freedom of movement (e.g. leggings or tracksuit bottoms). We also practice barefoot in order to grip the mat and be safe in balances. You may wish to bring socks or a blanket for the relaxation.


What equipment do I need?

If you don’t already have a yoga mat, I have a couple available to use, but for reasons of hygiene it's much nicer to have your own. You can buy them through me or from, Sports Direct, TK Maxx or even your supermarket! 

The main point is to make sure they have good grip – most yoga mats have a ‘waffle texture’ to the surface with a ‘sticky’ feel. If you are unsure then please use one of my mats for the first class and I can talk to you about what to buy when you come along. Blocks, bricks and straps are provided in class but if you would like your own you can get them from me.


Can men join your class?

Absolutely! Yoga is not just for women (Ryan Giggs and Andy Murray are also fans) and I regularly have men attending my classes. 

Can I practice with a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition or injury, please speak to your doctor before starting a yoga class. You will also be asked to complete a health form at the beginning of your first class – this allows me to see if there are any areas where we may need to adapt your practice. Rest assured that I am trained to deal with a range of health problems so do talk to me if you have any issues.

Can I practice if I'm pregnant?
Firstly, congratulations! I would recommend a mum-to-be to wait until you are through your first trimester before starting any new form of exercise.
During the first 15 weeks your pregnancy is being established and you may feel tired or nauseous (there may not appear to be a lot going on from the outside but your body is making a lot of changes inside!). Now is the time to rest and take it easy!
After the first trimester, discuss any new exercise you'd like to participate in with your doctor and then get in touch with a dedicated prenatal teacher such as Hannah Stewart from Finding Yoga.
What if I'm not very flexible?

Great! Yoga is perfect for you. Don't worry, we won't be flinging our legs behind our ears, we work within our own personal range of movement. You'll soon find that when you practice yoga your flexibility increases, so give it a go.

Do I need to prepare?

In order to gain the full benefit from your class arrive in good time to set up your mat and unwind before each session. Please avoid eating a meal 2 hours prior to class (a snack such as a banana would be ok).


Why should I practice yoga?

There are so many benefits to yoga practice, not just physical!;

Improved flexibility

Strengthening of body

Improved posture

Lowering of stress levels

Improved quality of sleep

Improved concentration levels

Better awareness of body

More effective breathing

Improved ability to relax